The Kirknewton Story


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Every town and city should have its own history told in comics – and if you need any confirmation that this is a great idea, look no further than The Kirknewton Story, written by Colin Maxwell – a new comic book about the village of Kirknewton near Edinburgh, in Scotland!

Written by Colin Maxwell, with a cover by Ian Kennedy, creators involved include Martin Baines, Rachel Ball, Gary Burley, Gary Erskine, Tony Foster, Ade Hughes, Steve Ingram, Staz Johnson, Rob Jones, Calum Laird, Steve McGarry, Sarah Millman, Stewart Kenneth  Moore, Monty Nero, Russell Mark Olson, Tanya Roberts, Andrew Sawyer, Neil Slorance, Bruno Stahl, Lew Stringer, Kev Sutherland, Gustaffo Vargas, Steve White, and Jim Wilkes.

Plus, of course, many school children, who also took part in comic workshops during the making of the comic!

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