The Cancel Haus - Issue One


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Also available as part of a multipack, featuring the first three issues!

Adam Warmbath has a lot on his plate. He’s not short of currency, but yachts and trophy wives don’t float his boat. He’s not right-wing and he’s not left-wing; he is knowing…and he knows who is harming the children. He’s hatching a plan to stop them whilst juggling pressing matters on his own doorstep: greedy builders, a visitor with a gun and public displays of his daughter’s privacy, all need his attention too.

Meanwhile, Adam’s employee Frank, a professional prankster, and Gordon, a conceptual artist, are on the run. Hiding out from a gang of gay muscle men, they flee to a series of hidden pubs in Scotland.

With Elizabethan uprisings, tracking chips, invisible dogs and sperm wars, this esoteric tale transports us around the world and through time. You will meet over seventy characters from lazy levitators and snatch snappers to consciousness cancellers.

CREATIVE TEAM: With a gestation of over thirteen years, Hroge laboured alone on the concept, story, pencils, inks, colour, lettering and design. The Cancel Haus is entirely his baby.

ABOUT THE COMIC: The Cancel Haus is a 360 page, full colour, graphic novel, split into 15 issues. It is a darkly comic thriller, with a peculiarly English sense of humour. A British Twin Peaks Withnail & I meets The Godfather

Each of the 15 issues contain 24 full colour pages of the story, as well as bonus pages including film recommendations through the decades and indie music Spotify playlists.

CONTENT WARNINGS - Mature readers only: murder, graphic violence, nudity and sex

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