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The latest three SHIFT Presents books from 2024 - the brilliant Sherlock Holmes and the Empire Builders, the incredilble Odd John and the hilarious Mr Custa! Bundled and discounted as a special offer to our readers!

Olaf Stapledon's Odd John the authorised comic adaptation of Olaf Stapledon's seminal 1935 science fiction work - exploring the theme of the Übermensch (superman) in the character of John Wainwright, whose supernormal human mentality inevitably leads to conflict with normal human society and to the destruction of the utopian colony founded by John and other superhumans.

"If we could wipe out your whole species, frankly, we would. For if your species discoveres us, and realises at all what we are, it will certainly destroy us.
And we know, you must remember, that homo sapiens has little more to contribute to the music of this planet, nothing in fact other than vain repetition.
It is time for finer instruments to take up the theme."


Sherlock Holmes and The Empire Builders is an epic epic alternate world sci-fi adventure featuring The World's Greatest Detective as people have never seen him before.
When Watson leaves Holmes to help Crick unravel the DNA helix and finds himself in the employ of England’s most evil man, the Detective is forced to team up with an unlikely group to defeat this monstrous figure and return England to its status quo.

80 Pages, in glorious black and white detail, featuring pinups from Shawn Martinbrough, Walter Simonson, Frazer Irving, David Hitchcock and Barry Kitson. Covers from Laim Sharp with Bill Sienkiewicz and Mark Chiarello.

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