Five Points (Warren Mackie Casefile)


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NYC, 1960. A ritualistic killer stalks the area of Lower Manhattan formerly known as Five Points, carving a bloody design on its impoverished streets. As crusading NYPD detective Warren Mackie investigates, past and present mesh in a nightmarish game of cat and mouse, the buried legacy of Five Points bubbling to the surface in the form of a nightmarish vortex that threatens to consume everything Mackie holds dear. Crime-noir meets supernatural thriller in this moody and compelling original graphic novel from writer Simon Furman (Death’s Head) and artist Martin Stiff (Tiny Acts of Violence)."A killer combination of script and art from Simon Furman and Martin Stiff. Gripping, layered, atmospheric, compelling and compassionate. A graphic novel noir thriller with supernatural overtones that can rub shoulders with the best crime fiction in any medium. More please!" -- Robbie Morrison, author Edge of The Grave (winner of the Bloody Scotland Crime Debut of the Year 2021) and Cast A Cold Eye. Read more
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