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Featuring and all new cover from Nick Percival (2000 AD).

The latest in the line of SHIFT special editions - we are working with a number of publishers and creators to highlight their work, and bring it to an unsuspecting public!

Featuring the sumptuous artwork of Chris Geary (creator of Kora, running in the main Shift series), this is the first chapter in new telling of the Robin Hood legend. 56 full colour pages.

This is ROBIN HOOD done right. Not too dark, but also not too silly. This is classic story telling, with sweeping adventure, romance, drama, and some comedy! Inspired as much by Errol Flynn's Robin Hood and the 80's cult classic Robin Of Sherwood TV series, as the style of the original 1977 Star Wars movie, with more than a dash or two of Indiana Jones thrown in for seasoning, and smatterings of influence from films and plays like Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, The Lion In Winter, Ocean's 11, and Lord of The Rings. We endeavor to tell a definitive take on Robin Hood that is as fun as it is thrilling for readers.

We also pride ourselves with keeping things as historically accurate as possible, from the locations, to the look and feel of the wardrobe and appearances of the characters.

The comic series is an expanded adaptation of the successful stage play script of ROBIN HOOD THE LEGEND OF SHERWOOD, written by Robert Akers and Jeff Messer, and produced to record-setting audiences by multiple theaters across the past 20 years. 

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