Thunder Child. Issue One Review. .....Big 5 stars.

Thunder Child. Issue One Review. .....Big 5 stars.

I recently recieved a very kind complimentary copy of Thunder Child Issue One to review. I am pleased to offer a very honest review of the first issue of what promises to be an excellent three issue series.


Matt Hardy, Rob Jones and Kevin Castaniero as a team make a solid statement here with Mad Robot Comics latest publication. Before reading a word it is clear a great deal of time and effort has been taken to procuce a quality product. Thunder Child is a perfectly printed comic. The paper stock is excellent, the binding is flawless and the little details such as the spine that houses the 38 pages of conent here line up just right for even the most fussy of comic fans. We have a comic that if you take the plunge has every right to sit happily upon a bookshelf rather than living inside a mylar bag with a backing board.  

The storyline is inspired. From the first page that features a quote from the great H.G.Wells to the mock article that bookends the story that should remind most long term comic fans of The Watchmen comics there is so much obvious attention to detail.

All the characters that travel on the intrepid Thunder Child feel like well rounded individuals. There are some with suspect agendas and almost too obviously clearly biased opinions one feel a twist incoming. The dialogue is thoughtfully appropriate to the era that keeps us guessing. Without any spoilers there is a lot af action between the considered dialogue to ensure even the most well read of fans utterly will stay engaged and satisfied. I for one look forward to seeing where this storyline may take us. 

Kevin Castaniro's art perfectly tells the story, there are character beats and bold double page spreads that are timed to perfection. I would have been satisfied to read a black and white copy of this excellent addition to the War of The Worlds universe but that would be doing an almighty disservice to colourist Simon Gough's inspired work

The bold reds displayed cleverly suggest the obvious incoming threat from Mars against the sublime starry nights that contrast brilliantly againt pleasant blue skies that suggest a new dawn that may not last long. The precise use of violent and looming colours continues in the final few pages that demand purchase of the second of the three issues that are promised.

I dare say some considerable credit should go towards editor Mr Fred McNamara because producing a comic of this quality is never easy. His work may be hidden but any publishing endeavour requires an unsung hero. 

Letterers are also often the under appreciated work horses of the comic-book industry; Co-writer Rob Jones provides extra duty here. The lettering honestly provides another layer of fun and added drama during this voyage. There are quiet incidents but also huge emotional conversations that are finsihed just right, and add to an almost perfect experience.

If I had a complaint it is that I may have to wait more than twenty four hours for the next installment of what promises to be very accomplished addition to Wells' original story.

I suggest the original vinyl recording, a pleasant beverage, a comfy sofa and then sitting down and cracking open this beauty of a comic.  Those that cannot do so will look upon us with "Envious Eyes"

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