Press Release to be excited about from TIME BOMB COMICS

Press Release to be excited about from TIME BOMB COMICS

It is my pleasure to share Time Bomb Comics latest Press Release. It begins below:

I shall be reviewing the title and interviewing some of the minds behind Bomb Scares very soon.

BOMB SCARES Anthology relaunches with brand new First Issue

Time Bomb Comics’ horror series is back!

The original anthology has been a mainstay at Time Bomb since 2015, with three volumes curated, featuring a wide range of impressive creators. This relaunch aims to give the horror title the high profile it deserves, and introduces such top quality talent as Liam Sharp, Alex Nino, Trevor Von Eeden, Jimmy Broxton, Hunt Emerson, John Erasmus and David M. Windett to its pages.

Debuting as a one-shot comic inspired by the notorious EC horror comics of the fifties and the Warren horror magazines of the seventies, BOMB SCARES was rebooted as a modern horror anthology intended to scare, intrigue, bemuse and repulse - and to make readers laugh with unexpected dashes of pitch-black humour too. This new edition promises to intensify those qualities on every level.

BOMB SCARES #1 is 60 pages long and features the work of a host of talented creators from across the comic book landscape. Editor Paul H. Birch has brought together new writers and artists with returning mainstays to make the stories in this new anthology truly special.

Time Bomb Comics chief, Steve Tanner spoke about what makes BOMB SCARES unique: “Both Paul and myself believe that horror comics can - and should - be more than just zombies, vampires and psychopathic killers, so you'll find that the stories here range in tone from the unusual to the thought-provoking, to the challenging to the visceral.”

“Nothing stays buried forever… BOMB SCARES has finally been unearthed; its secrets about to be revealed, as one of the most formidable gatherings of creative talent - in far too long a time – within what remains a mighty tome of entertainment but now goes beyond expectations with series, full colour strips and oh, so much more besides,” Birch remarked, adding: “The Monsters in the Bullpen have been dying for you to see what they crafted for your pleasure, and trust you’ll not be disappointed.”

BOMB SCARES can be pre-ordered through Zoop now until the beginning of November. As with all Time Bomb Comics titles this provides an opportunity to get the book at a pre-order price and with exclusive extras that will only be available through the campaign.

Book Details:

60 Pages, Black and White and Colour, Perfect Bound

Zoop preorder link:




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