Thunder Child Book One - Spectre of a Dying Planet


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From Mad Robot Comics - OUT NOW

From Matt Hardy (writer), Rob Jones (writer, letterier, designer) Kevin Castaniero (artist), Simon Gough (colourist) and Fred McNamara (editor) - this powerhouse Kickstarter project has been a huge hit, and we're proud to make the fist issue available!

A 40-page prestige format book set within the world of beloved Science-Fiction novel 'The War of the Worlds' by H. G. Wells. 

Sitting alongside the events of Well's novel, our story takes place against a backdrop of unusual occurrences and creeping terror - all leading up to the HMS Thunder Child's final tragic showdown with the War Machines of Mars. 

Thunder Child Book #1 outlines the horrors and conflicts of the crew as they experience those first days of the Martian invasion, and deal with the possible collapse of the British Empire -  both from the War of the Worlds...and from within. 

  • "...a must-get book." - ComicScene.
  • "The storyline is inspired... Kevin Castanireo's art perfectly tells the story." - Shift Magazine
  • "5/5" - Big Comic Page
  • "...really capture the essence of the source material." - Gutternaut

Book two available August '24

  • Ships within two days of release
  • Biodegradable and recyclable packaging
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