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Containing Kora The Complete Adventures AND The Art of Kora at a special price!

Kora - The Complete Adventures

After crashing on an unknown planet, all Kora wants is to get back home.Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan...

The multi-part epic from Aces Weekly was reformatted and remastered from the original digital landscape, to run in SHIFT's large magazine format, and is now collected for the first time with extra story and 'making of' pages.

Available in paperback or hardcover (with extra art and features), beautifully presented in A4 size showing off the sumptious art and storytelling.

The Art of Kora

The perfect companion to the Complete Kora.. featuring sketches, designs and more.


About Chris Geary 

Chris spent time studying at The London Cartoon Centre, mainly under the tutelage of David Lloyd. Since then, he has created the series "International Aces" featuring the true life stories of some of the top pilots from World War One, and he also co-created and illustrated the award winning "Commitment" - a graphic novel about managing risk.More recently, Chris is a regular contributor to Aces Weekly and has adapted the screenplay of "The Spirit of The Pharaoh" into a feature length graphic novel from Titan Comics, SHIFT Presents Robin Hood and recently drawn the official continuation of Dracula - Cult of the White Worm, with Chris McAuley and Dacre Stoker!

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  • Biodegradable and recyclable packaging
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