Croix-Noire #5


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To control your own emotions is a power.

To control other people’s emotions is a SUPERPOWER!

Step into the world of Croix Noire, but watch your back. This is not the safest place to be. Croix Noire is one of the roughest areas in France, full of deadbeats, drug addicts and hookers. And that’s just the municipal library! Based on a novella by Bafta winner David Quantick , drawn by Mike Collins (Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Dr Who) and scripted and art-directed by Mike Batt.

Episode 5 - Tomorrow Will Be a Black Dawn

In this issue, Ace tries to penetrate the inner sanctum of La Societe, disguised as the Professor of medieval history at the Sorbonne, and convicted antiquities thief. 

Each issue also includes the corresponding prose novel chapter

36 pages  - £3.99 - released third week of October '22


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