The Panharmonion Chronicles - Book One: Times of London


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Written by Henry Chebaane

Drawn by Stephen Baskerville

Alex Campbell is a Canadian musician struggling with a conflicted identity, a tragic past and repressed supernatural abilities.

Orphaned at a young age, life was never easy on her and is about to get a lot worse. Alex is a primed time bomb in search of a fuse.

Following the inheritance of a decaying 19th century London house from a mysterious ancestor, she moves to Camden, hoping for a new life and a better future.

Soon, her renovation plans are being undermined by agents of a shadowy corporation with ancient roots and a malevolent agenda.

While resisting their increasingly hostile actions, Alex makes some shocking discoveries about her past, her family and herself that changes her grip on reality.

The hostilities soon escalate into violent confrontations, unveiling a doomsday supremacist conspiracy, hidden under the surface of two London cities, England and Ontario.

It’s just a question of time before it spreads across the world. Alex is the only one who can stand in their way.

If she makes it in time.

'The Panharmonion Chronicles’ is an original graphic novel created and written by Henry Chebaane.

‘Times of London’ is the first book in this thriller trilogy where fast action, alternative history and speculative fiction are blended with occasional horror, pop culture and wry humour. 

The 186 page story has been masterfully illustrated by veteran artist Stephen Baskerville (Spider-man, Transformers, Judge Dredd) and published by SUPANOVA MEDIA as a beautiful first edition, soft cover book, litho-printed in England on heavy silk paper.

The story starts in London, England, before moving to Scotland, Canada and beyond. Woven within the complex plot are philosophical questions about the nature of Time, Reality and Identity.

The Panharmonion Chronicles is a dense, fictional universe containing a multitude of historical landmarks, places and references.

This is the first book released by Supanova Media, a boutique producer and publisher created by Henry Chebaane. The multimedia studio develops its own exclusive, original stories based on speculative fiction as well as music, fashion, props and merchandise to share with audience and readers worldwide.

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