Shift Volume Two - Issue 5 - Bumper Special

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116 pages in this bumper special issue - featuring the final part of Shifter, the second chapter of Stewart Kenneth Moore's Thrawn Janet (more from Stewart soon!) and the last of the current run of Elephantmen - War Toys. Plus the latest installment of Muscle Memory from Lyndon Webb

All new stories starting this issue - Elena and Terminal City!

From creators Darren Pearce and Stuart Jennet comes new spy thriller Elena Divinity Rising, buried in a world of betrayal and espionage Elena Anchova, an extraordinary girl forced to grow up in an extraordinary world where everyone wants unlock her unique abilities for their own ends.

The amazing Terminal City by Dean Motter (The Prisoner: Shattered Visage, Mister X) and Michael Lark (Batman, Gotham Central, Lazarus) - set in a world of 1930’s futurism: pedestrian skywalks and mile-high buildings, rocket-finned hovercrafts and robot receptionists, passenger zeppelins and pneumatic transit tubes. Strange events begin to unfold at the New World’s Fair - a utopia of unsurpassed technological miracles. One of our personal favourite series, we’re very pleased to present the complete run to you over the coming months.

We are delighted to announce that we are bringing living legend Brian Bolland to our pages in this issue - with the latest in his series of The Actress and the Bishop, in gorgeous full colour! Look out for the special SHIFT Presents issue releasing at the same time, featuring all the Actress and Bishop stories so far, presented in black and white, with two new prose strips, pin ups and interview.

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