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Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies is a bold all-new four-issue mini-series which digs deep into the millennia old strata of our planet and unearths something… completely unknown. Dormant since long before the dinosaurs, it’s incomprehensible, ancient – and alien.

Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies #2 by John Freeman and Neil Edwards due late May 2024

Cover by Alex Ronald

In 2121, an alien presence has awoken in the Antarctic, its secrets potentially spelling the end of all human life – or transforming it into something new, but not without cost.

A crack team of Alliance commandos, side by side with the psychic Lily Winters, a woman with her own agenda when it comes to this extra-terrestrial threat, discover far more than they expected when their mission goes dangerously wrong…

Colour, 24pgs, £4.95

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