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Shift Starter Pack

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Just discovered SHIFT? Jump on board with our first three issues in one bundle, shipping the first week in April.

Each issue contains 90+ pages of Awesome Art and Phenomenal stories, featuring regular series - 

To The Death  - Simon Furman, Geoff Senior. Acclaimed Transformers creative team, and creators of Marvel's Death’s Head  

Kora - Chris Geary (Ace’s Weekly) 

Foot Soldiers  - Jim Krueger (Earth X, Justice, Marvels X), Steve Yeowell (Zenith, The Invisibles, Sinister Dexter) 

Soulwind - Scott Morse (Littlegreyman, Elektra: Glimpse and Echo, Catwoman, Sam and Twitch)  

Shifter - Brian Haberlin (Witchblade, Aria), Brian Holguin (Spawn), Skip Brittenham, Geirrod van Dyke, Kunrong Yap  

Tiny Acts of Violence - Martin Stiff (The Absence) 

Ongoing stories, articles, features and more..