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The first in a line of SHIFT special editions - we are working with a number of publishers and creators to highlight their work, and bring it to an unsuspecting public!

This special edition is produced with Time Bomb Comics and ComicScene, and features strips from Time Bomb’s two Brawler comics and the ComicScene 2021 annual. Featuring an array of the UKs best independent creators, SHIFT Presents... Brawler contains 11 action packed stories in an 84 page package, designed to fit with your existing SHIFT collection!

This edition is being made available online, and will be posted early July - several weeks before release in shops. Online orders come with an art print of the cover by the astounding Mark Montague!

It will also be available as part of a two-pack with our second "SHIFT Presents.." title.

SHIFT Presents Brawler features - 

Major Rakhana by Steve Tanner, Pete L Woods and Bolt-01

Westernoir by Dave West, Gary Crutchley and Matt Soffe

Wolfheart by Ferg Handley, James Devlin and Bolt-01

The Baker Street Irregulars by David Morris and Patrick O'Connor

Amnesia Agents by Jason Cobley and James Gray

Space Banshee Exorcist by Katie Cunningham, Danielle Weber and Bolt-01

Dick Turpin and the Crawling Terror by Steve Tanner, Roland Bird, Brett Burbridge and Bolt-01

Shaman Kane by David Broughton

Karl Kampe the Adventurer by Jorgen Karlsson, Hakan Aydin and Ichsan Ansori

Harker by Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks

Mandy the Monster Hunter by Matt Warner, Mark Adams, Atlantisvampir and Nikki Foxrobot

plus exclusive features!

  • Ships within two days of release
  • Biodegradable and recyclable packaging
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